The principles and doctrines of Equity, including, generally speaking, the concept of a Trust, apply in Cyprus as a matter of local law, but there are also specific pieces of legislation relating to Trusts. These are the Trustees Law, Cap. 193 of the Cyprus Code, which was enacted in 1955, and the International Trusts Law, which was enacted in 1992 and regulates the creation and functioning of an “international trust” and is considered to include modern ideas about international trusts. This Law was amended in 2012 and now allows, inter alia, trust property to be situated in Cyprus.

Work undertaken by our Office

Our services encompass the entire procedure, beginning with advice on the setting up of a trust and drafting the Trust Deed. In addition, by acting through trustee companies owned and controlled by lawyers in our Practice, we can act as trustees, settlors or protectors, administer trusts and, generally, render fiduciary services.

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