Corporate Social Responsibility

We truly succeed not in isolation but in embracing our society and giving a helping hand to those in need. Ever since its establishment, our Office has turned this belief into praxis, by reaching out to the society at large in numerous ways: we have been supporting, for instance, community volunteerism and offering pro bono services in relation to human rights cases.

All our partners have a strong personal commitment towards volunteer work and have, over the years, supported and continue to support various non-profit or charitable associations and organisations in numerous ways.

Our founding partner, Lellos Demetriades has, inter-alia, served as Chairman of the Board of the School for the Deaf and as President of the Nicosia Rotary Club. He has also been President of the Board of the Deaf Children Welfare Fund ever since its establishment.

Joanna Loizides has served as President of the Cyprus Red Cross (Nicosia section) and as a member of the Board of the School for the Deaf. She is also a Board Member of the Deaf Children Welfare Fund, the Friends of the Paraplegic Association, as well as of the Foundation of the Friends of People with Special Needs “O Elikas”.

Theodora Taoushani has served as the Chairperson of the Special Projects Committee of the Rotary Club Nicosia Salamis.

The financial crisis that our country has been facing since early 2013 far than left us indifferent to the serious socio-economic problems that have been created and to the pressing needs of our fellowmen, who have been affected most as a consequence. Adopting the stance that every little help counts, we took action.

Both our staff, with management’s encouragement and assistance, and our Office as such, “adopted” a public nursery in Nicosia, which is being attended mostly by underprivileged children.

Our assistance is always being extended in kind, through the small fund that we set up internally and to which members of our staff contribute on a personal, voluntary basis, in addition to our Office. The money is being used mostly for the purchase of foodstuff for the families of these children, as well as for clothes and other necessities for the children themselves. Our Office not only contributes financially to this effort but offers, free of charge, legal advice to the children’s families whenever the need arises.

Pro bono work is also being undertaken in relation to human rights, such as the case of Kafkaris vs Cyprus, a case handled by Achilleas Demetriades that reached the European Court of Human Rights and as result of which the parole board was established in Cyprus.

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