Corporate and Commercial Law

Solid and extensive expertise in this area of the Law. We offer advice on matters of both corporate law and commercial matters.


A full member of the European Union since 2004 and of the Eurozone since 2008, Cyprus offers a very interesting opportunity for company tax planning. Its Double Tax Treaties with more than 30 countries all over the world, the existence for more than 30 years of an international business environment characterised by a favourable tax regime for companies, and the high standards of professional services that are offered by lawyers, auditors, bankers, managers, fund managers and other professionals are only some of the benefits that may be enjoyed when establishing a Cyprus-registered company.

The European connection offers, inter alia, freedom of movement of people and capital, in its wide sense, especially in relation to E.U. Directives, redomiciliation of companies (in and out of Cyprus), and the setting up of a “Societas European (SE) Company”, for instance.

The combination of a holding company in Cyprus, with subsidiaries or branches abroad, and the beneficial provisions of Double Tax Treaties, coupled with the use of trusts, in a legal environment which follows in many respects English company law and the principles of Common Law and the Doctrines of Equity, can be most beneficial for tax planning.

Companies which have their management and control in Cyprus (resident in Cyprus) are liable to a 12.5% corporation tax on their taxable income, namely their net profit after deducting from their income expenses incurred wholly and exclusively for acquiring such income. But, beyond that, there are certain further specific deductions allowed by law and, in case of losses, companies are allowed to deduct such losses in the years to follow.


On the corporate side, we handle matters such as incorporation and administration/management of companies, provide legal advice and support to companies on various matters, including regulatory, share purchase agreements, loans, provision of securities by companies, carry out legal due diligence, and draft any kind of corporate agreements. Our services also include cross-border mergers and redomiciliation of companies to and from Cyprus.

Through our service companies, we provide nominee shareholders, directors and registered office address and also offer assistance with the opening of bank accounts.

On the commercial side, we have extensive experience in drafting and providing advice on various kinds of commercial agreements, including but not limited to partnership agreements, agency and distribution agreements, pre-incorporation agreements, consultancy agreements, software agreements, employment agreements, loan agreements, leases, mortgage agreements, assignments, pledges, as well as on webpage terms and conditions. Furthermore, we offer advice and handle the registration of patents, business or service names, trademarks and Community trademarks.

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